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Apr 30, 2023

Four years ago, the White House Correspondents Association promised to make their annual dinner a serious event free from superficial glitz and show business. As Julian Assange rots in prison awaiting extradition we clearly see Washington journalists care more about access to the rich and powerful than they do freedom...

Apr 28, 2023

Topics: Fox, Tucker, The My Pillow Guy.

Guest: The Rev. Barry W. Lynn is author of the new book "Paid To Piss People Off."


00:00 David does The News.

12:04 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn

Apr 25, 2023

CNN just squeezed Don Lemon out of his job after 17 years with the network. Who is Chris Licht the mastermind behind this, and why isn't he the one being fired? Why can't they say "fired." Why must they say "parting ways?"

Guest: Dr. Harriet Fraad on Trump's latest rape trial.


00:00 David does The News


Apr 25, 2023

With all that's going on in this country, America finally needs a serious conversation about conversations.

Special Guest: 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander talks America and watching David piss off comedy crowds.


00:00 David does The News

04:41 Comedian Judah Friedlander


Apr 24, 2023

Guest: Mike Elk is the founding editor of Payday Report and is one of the top labor journalists in America.

Plus Professor Mike Steinel author of, "Saving Charlie Parker: A Novel."

After Journalist Mike Elk was illegally fired by Politico for unionizing the newsroom, he was awarded a cash settlement that he used to...