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Jul 25, 2013

New York Times Supreme Court Correspondent Adam Liptak whose new e-book “To Have and Uphold: The Supreme Court And The Battle for Same-Sex Marriage” is available for download right now on iTunes and Amazon. “To Have And Uphold” is the definitive story of the struggle over same sex marriage in the Supreme Court. It’s a quick and easy read published by the New York Times and Byliner Original.

Also Film Critic Michael Snyder on what movies to catch this week. We talk about Fruitvale Station, which in light of the George Zimmerman verdict, couldn’t be any more relevant. Also on the show Two Time Tony Award Winner Andrea Martin, Eddie Pepitone and Mark Thompson. Portions of today’s program were written by Steve Rosenfield and David Feldman. The Cactus County Cowboys feature Will Ryan, John Presto Reynolds and Westy Westenhofer. Please subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.