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Jan 25, 2013

Originally broadcast January 25, 2013.With President Obama attempting to introduce meaningful gun control legislation, and the NRA fighting back with all they got, we decided to look at America‚Äôs love affair with guns, bombs, and killing each other with. With Carlos Alazraqui, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Frank Conniff, Mark Thompson, Rick Overton, Paul Provenza, Ben Zelevansky, Stefane Zamorano, Chris Pina, Jeremy S. Kramer, Ron Babcock, Jim Earl, Kevin Rooney, Bill Burr, Paul Dooley, Jimmy Dore, Randi Credico And Will Ryan and The Cactus County Cowboys featuring Chloe Fiorenzo Written by Steve Rosenfield, Ben Zelevansky, Dylan Brody, Jim Earl, Dan Spencer, and David Feldman.