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Apr 20, 2011

Highlights include Bill Burr, Dana Gould, Robert Smigel, Andrea Martin, Lord Foblin, Rick Overton, Mark Thompson, Comedy's Ron Babcock, Stefane Zamorano, Jane Edith Wilson, Chris Pina, Andy Caploe, Jim Earl, and Troy Conrad. Arianna Huffington talks about the AOL merger. We celebrate Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday. Charlie Sheen talks about hitting women. Lord Foblin explains the Middle East. The Executive Director of the National Rifle Association shoots his mouth off. George Clooney holds a meeting of Hollywood Liberals to figure out how to stay away from Wisconsin. Julian Assange's new dating site. Written by Andrea Martin, Ben Zelevansky, Ned Rice, Mark Thompson, Andy Caploe, Kevin Rooney and Comedy's Ron Babcock. Our show is mixed and engineered by Alex Steen. We are edited by Darren Ayres. Our executive producer is Troy Conrad.