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Jun 28, 2019

President Obama deported three million immigrants. Did he bother to find out what happened to them? Professor Jeremy Slack's new book, "Deported to Death" tackles the question Where do undocumented workers go when I.C.E. deports them? Do they run? Do they hide? Do they live? I.C.E. is shipping millions of immigrants out of America, often back to certain death.

Plus Congressman Alan Grayson on why Trump is far worse than he expected, Comedian Eddie Pepitone appreciates modern art, Think Progress' White House Correspondent Zack Ford gives us the week in Trump, and Professor Ben Burgis, author of "Give Them An Argument" critiques the Democratic debates.

Time Code: Professor Jeremy Slack (3:24) Congressman Alan Grayson (54:00) Professor Ben Burgis (1:51) Zack Ford (2:50) Eddie Pepitone (3:36)

Alan Grayson was the United States Representative for Florida's 9th congressional district until 2017. He previously served as Representative for Florida's 8th congressional district from 2009 to 2011.

Professor Jeremy Slack's new book, "Deported to Death" comes out in July and is published by University of California Press.