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Feb 21, 2020

Professor Gary W. Gallagher, one of the world's leading Civil War experts, talks to us about America's long history of polarization; Professor Ben Burgis, columnist for Jacobin, on his way to Nevada to knock on doors for Bernie; Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats for America, on whether Wednesday's debate moved the needle for Warren; The Reverend Barry W. Lynn has some ideas on how Bloomberg should spend his billions; Joshua Grossman, founder of Progressive Punch, on who are the most progressive politicians in Washington and who are the least; Liam McEneaney and David answer listener questions and voice mails; David "Citizen" Bacon talks to New Hampshire.

  • Turns out the Old Confederacy wasn't too keen on States Rights.
  • Bernie's ability to build coalitions might surprise you.
  • Bloomberg offers anyone who watched Wednesday's debate a generous nondisclosure agreement.
  • Leave a voicemail for Liam and David at 202-670-2752 and maybe we'll play it on the show. Maybe.

Time Code: Professor Gary Gallagher (:41) Ben Burgis & Alan Minsky (43:58) Joshua Grossman (1:41:24) The Rev. Barry Lynn (2:27:41) Liam McEneaney (3:57:55) Citizen Bacon (5:00:32)