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Jan 24, 2017

Host of Cum Town, one of the funniest and most outrageously informative podcasts on iTunes. Also Comedy Writer Mike Leech describes his journey working in the mailroom at The Late Show with David Letterman to getting hired writing on the show.

Today’s topics include:

Writing cue cards for SNL, Is Ashley Judd a better ally for women than Madonna?

Letterman, How political satire creates community, Is Trump America’s latest 9/11? How politicians actually do keep their promises, How our votes don’t count so we should be out there protesting, The truth about totalitarian leaders wanting to get peed and pooed on, Pizza-gate,

Should you punch a Nazi?  Alt-Right Founder Richard B. Spencer was punched in the head this weekend. Some liberals, including former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, delighted in this act of violence which left a humiliated Spencer with a black eye. Is our side losing the moral high ground when we resort to savagery?

What kind of father is Donald Trump? If all three of his children go into his business does it suggest they are cripples who couldn’t be hired by anyone else? With Jared Kushner getting sworn in as a top adviser to Trump we ask if nepotism violates America’s core tenets of personal responsibility and fairness.

Is it OK to remain neutral during a moral crisis? Why it’s important to get the numbers right on who attended the inauguration and who attended Saturday’s march.

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