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Feb 20, 2018

Comedy Writer and Sports Columnist Bill Scheft on Olympic nip slips, Comic Joe DeVito on that airline passenger who wouldn't stop farting, and Comic Aaron Berg on that wife of his who won't stop nagging. 

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"I’m a 40 year old father of three young children (James 9, Cynthia 6, and Kathryn 2.5), a husband, and a doctor. I fight cancer for my patients because I believe health care is a human right, and nobody should be denied treatment because they can't pay. In medical school 20 years ago, I helped lead an equal-access clinic to provide care for the uninsured and the homeless. Today, I take on insurance companies to get better care for my patients. My peers elected me to lead the largest clinical trial team in the US dedicated to finding new treatments for aggressive cancer of the immune system. I’m getting off the sidelines to fight for my patients and my kids, and for our community and our future."

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