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Nov 29, 2019

Adam Ferrara, Judy Gold, Fred Stoller, and Eddie Pepitone refuse to do the show because they're celebrating something called Thanksgiving. Then we talk with The Rev. Barry W. Lynn; Comic Liam McEneaney; and Actor/Writer/Comic Laura House.

  • The Rev. Barry teaches us the meaning of Black Friday
  • Judy Gold refuses to do the show
  • Adam Ferrara refuses to do the show
  • Fred Stoller refuses to do the show
  • Eddie Pepitone refuses to do the show
  • Liam talks to us from his parent's house hiding from Thanksgiving
  • Liam and David answer listener questions
  • Laura talks to us on Highway 5 heading to Thanksgiving
  • David's at his mother's looking for his old baseball cards and vintage collection of Panamanian stag films.

Time Code: David Tries to Book The Show (0:40) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (8:01.9) Comic Liam McEneaney (1:12:16) Comic Laura House (2:18:00)