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Aug 28, 2020

34.2 million Americans have diabetes, that's 10.5% of the US population. 88 million Americans, 18 years or older, have prediabetes, that's 34.5% of the adult US population. As America's eating habits spread throughout the world, diabetes is now a global pandemic.  

On Today's Episode: Our first Diabetes Town Hall; Two Democratic Progressive candidates for Congress; an update on No Evil Foods' union busting efforts and a look back at the horror show that was the GOP convention.

Our Guests: 

Diabetes Town Hall with Henry Hakamaki and Dr. Gina Hakamaki, Certified Diabetes Educator along with Martha Previte from Diabetic Fury; Senator Susan Collins (Martha Previte); Dr. Liam O’Mara, Democratic candidate for California's 42nd congressional district; Democrat Jess Scarane, running for Senate in Delaware; Congressman Alan Grayson, author of "High Crimes: The Impeachment of Donald Trump" ; Maxmillian Alvarez, host of "Working People" ; Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America; Psychiatrist Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, and his son Ethan; Journalist Andrew Miller from Industrial Worker; Emmy and Peabody Award Winning Jim Earl; Dr. Jennifer Verdolin, animal behaviorist and author of “Raised By Animals”;  American Hero Burt Ross

Seats are still available to attend Saturday Night's Covid Town Squares. Only $15, and ALL proceeds go towards Henry Hakamaki's research and education. Purchase tickets by going here:

Time Code: Senator Susan Collins (0:00) No Evil Blues (17:19)  Maximillian Alvarez (20:33) Jess Scarane (51:50) I'm On My Way (1:25:45) Jim Earl (1:28:13) Dr. Jennifer Verdolin (1:57:20) Burt Ross (2:18:20) Dr. Liam O'Mara (2:47:47) Alan Minsky (3:32:21) Diabetes Town Hall With Dr. Gina Hakamaki, Martha Previte and Henry Hakamaki (3:57:02) Congressman Alan Grayson, Dr. Philip Herschenfeld and Ethan Herschenfeld (4:26:49) Andrew Miller (5:35:20) Dan Frankenberger's Community Billboard (5:49:55) The Grape Lady (5:52:03)

Music: No Evil Blues and I'm On My Way written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel