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Oct 16, 2020

The David Feldman Show's Mop Up For October 16, 2020

Topics: Judge Amy Coney Barrett pretty much invokes her right to remain silent; 41 states report record spike in COVID-19; NBC hates America; 19 million Americans have already voted; America stops going to college

Guests With Time Codes:  00:00. The News 10:11 Martha Previte is Melania Trump 18:05 Henry Hakamaki tells David to vote for Jim Earl, not Biden 31:11 Jim Earl writes and then reads David's obituary 36:07  Zack Ford from Alliance For Justice on Judge Amy Coney Barrett's hearings  1:06:00 Paul Matzko, author of "The Radio Right" which chronicles the rise of Conservative talk radio Professor 1:38:22 Professor Ben Burgis, host of "Give Them An Argument"  2:05:08 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, psychiatrist, and his son Ethan, comedian, actor and writer 2:40:01 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church and State  3:08:03 Henry Hakamaki talks with Grace Jackson, expert on China and Taiwan  3:35:15 Dr. Jennifer Verdolin, animal behaviorist and author of "Raised By Animals"  4:04:44 Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer  4:34:35 Kelly Stone, sex educator, comedian and Texas politician  5:03:07 Bob Rubin, comedian whose latest special on Netflix is "Oddities and Rarities" 5:29:55 Professor Harvey J Kaye, author of "FDR on Democracy" on Biden's Town Hall  5:38:05 Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America on Biden's Town Hall  5:55:37 Professor Mary Anne Cummings, parks commissioner Aurora, Illinois 5:55:37 Emil Guillermo, journalist and host of "The PETA Podcast" on Biden's Town Hall  7:08:58 Dan Frankenberger's Community Billboard

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