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Sep 17, 2019

Hassan El-Tayyab explains Yemen. Dr. Arnon Degani explains Israel. Jacob Sager Weinstein explains Great Britain. Mark Breslin explains Scotland.  Howie Klein explains America. Congressional Candidate Rachel Ventura explains Illinois. The Rev. Barry W. Lynn explains separation of church and state. 

  • Hassan El-Tayyab is Legislative Representative for Middle East Policy at Friends Committee on National Legislation.
  • Dr. Arnon Degani is author of "The Decline and Fall of the Israeli Military Government, 1948-1966: A Case of Settler-Colonial Consolidation?"
  • Howie Klein is founder of the Blue America PAC and writes Down With Tyranny.
  • Rachel Ventura is running for congress in Illinois. Visit her at: 
  • Jacob Sager Weinstein is a comedy writer and author.
  • The Rev. Barry W. Lynn hosts Culture Shocks.
  • Mark Breslin is the founder and president of Yuk Yuk's, the largest comedy chain in North America.

Time Code: Hassan El-Tayyab (0:41.1) Dr. Arnon Degani (37:39.1) Howie Klein (1:18:01) Rachel Ventura (2:00:15) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (2:29:04) Jacob Sager Weinstein (3:39:07) Mark Breslin (4:12:35)