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Aug 30, 2022

Today's show focuses on a new report that says Greenland's melting ice sheets will raise sea levels by almost a foot, Joe Rogan's incessant lies and the Midterms.
Topics: Lindsey Graham warns of riots; Ozzy Osbourne disgusted by American guns; Joe Rogan lies about being lied to about Covid; Midterms just 70 days away

Guests with Time Stamps:
00:02:19 Moon Shot scrubbed
00:04:52 Reverse the Trump tax cuts and that will pay for student loan forgiveness
00:10:48 Trump's Truth Social going under
00:15:38 Lindsey Graham warns of riots if Trump's indicted
00:16:50 Greenland ice sheet will riase seal levels by nearly a foot
00:27:04 Modesto's "straight pride" protest turns violent
00:28:52 Billy Eichner blends activism with commerce
00:31:54 Mark Zuckerberg says FBI forced him to downplay Hunter Biden laptop in 2020
00:37:16 Joe Rogan is a dangerous idiot
01:04:19 Midterms 70 days away, things looking better for Democrats, Lizzo gets out the Black vote
01:12:59 "Ain't No Chairs" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel
01:20:23 "Turtle" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel
01:25:23 Donald Trump, AKA Robert Smigel, stops by
01:31:36 Ethan Herschenfeld, author of "Today is Now"
01:58:55 Howie Klein from Down With Tyranny
02:33:06 David Cobb warns this time it's different, the GOP truly is Fascist
02:51:06 Dr. Harriet Fraad talks student debt
03:32:06 Professor Jonathan Bick on how wages have not kept up with inflation since the early 70's
04:00:43 Peter B. Collins on how the term "woke" is a dog whistle for racists
04:37:58 Professor Mary Anne Cummings on why you should get rid of your lawns and the wonders of the Hubble Space Telescope
05:16:29 Professor Mike Steinel, author of "Saving Charlie Parker: A Novel"
05:38:22 "Amazon Hell" performed by Professor Mike Steinel and Rosana Eckert 

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