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Oct 21, 2022

A jury today ruled that Kevin Spacey was not liable in an assault case brought by Actor Anthony Rapp. We look at the rape trials of Danny Masterson, Harvey Weinstein and Director Paul Haggis; Growing accusations against Bill Murray; Actress Anna Faris accuses Director Ivan Reitman; Kanye's racism; and James Corden's a vicious prick
Topics: Liz Truss Brexits, Rep. Lauren Boebert selling Jesus' second coming;  Roger Stone trashes Ivanka, Jared and Donald; Nancy Pelosi's itching for a fight; Marco Rubio humiliated.

Guests With Time Stamps:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:38 David Does The News
01:32:35 "Old Hippy With The El Camino" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel
01:39:40 Sir Arthur Greeb Streebling
02:00:09 Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, Freudian Psychoanalyst, and Ethan Herschenfeld, author, comedian, actor and retired opera singer
02:17:07 Quiz Master Dan Frankenberger tests our knowledge of popes
02:35:17 Emil Guillermo, host of The PETA Podcast,  People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals and columnist for The Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund
03:08:43 The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church and State
04:07:32 "Ron DeSantis Blues" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel
04:11:12 The Professors and Mary Anne: Professors Cummings, Li, Bick and Husain. Plus Joe In Norway teaches us how to prepare vegan sushi
05:05:45 Professor Harvey J. Kaye, author of "The British Marxist Historians" talks Feudalism
05:56:48 "I'm Traveling Light" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel
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