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Dec 21, 2018

Comedian KEVIN BARTINI, the hardest working pediatrician in comedy DR. JAY SUTAY, The LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress ZACK FORD, and the Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State The REVEREND BARRY LYNN and David debate the true meaning of Christmas.

TIME CODE: Kevn Bartini: 3:00 Dr. Jay Sutay: 28:13 David’s Thoughts on Christmas: 49:53 Zack Ford: 56:04 The Reverend Barry Lynn: 1:22


Just For Men said it would no longer advertise on Tucker Carlson . Wow, Just For Men really does get the white out.
Please stop wishing us a Happy Honda Days. Our people don't celebrate Honda Days. And is it our imagination or has Honda Days gotten way too commercial? Just got our credit card statement. Turns out all the money we donated to this year's Toyotathon went to the Trump Foundation. Does Trump know the Mueller probe continues with or without a government shutdown? Two of Michael Flynn’s associates indicted for lobbying for Turkey. And Chris Christie indicted for lobbying for Greece…eee fried chicken. General Mattis quits because corrupt Russian oligarchs are now dictating United States military policy. That’s outrageous! U.S. military policy should only be dictated by corrupt American oligarchs! We worry General Mattis' stepping down will unleash a fresh wave of generals resigning. Because there just aren't enough six figure jobs at Boeing, Raytheon and NBC News to accommodate all of them. Smart move General Mattis. No better way to protest cutting and running than by cutting and running. Defense Secretary Mick Mulvaney anybody? Stephen Miller is celebrating today's Winter Solstice by walking around Stonehenge carrying a tiki torch shouting, "Druids will not replace us!" It took a few days, but we finally figured out how Stephen Miller ended up with all that shoe polish on his head. The makeup person for Face the Nation is Hispanic. Or Muslim. Or LGBTQ. Or graduated from first grade.