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Jun 19, 2018

Black on white violence, what are the facts? How academic racists manipulate statistics to provide scientific cover for bigots. We are joined by RYAN LENZ who is the Senior Writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project and editor of its Hatewatch blog. Are medical advances possible without any animal research? EMIL GUILLERMO thinks so. He is the host of the PETA podcast. JOE DEVITO talks about psychiatrists whipping patients and a 29 pound cat named Chubb is lost. JACKIE "THE JOKE MAN" MARTLING has another fifteen jokes that will make you pull over to the side of the highway even if you're not in a car. Comedian AARON BERG discovers he's the new CEO of Nerdist Industries. Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN wants Cynthia Nixon for governor, and says there would be nothing wrong with capital punishment if applied to the Trump family gangster syndicate.