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Mar 30, 2018

LIZ WINSTEAD, creator of The Daily Show and founder of Air America  talks abortion, and how hard it’s become to get one. HQ Trivia’s a phenomenon, two million viewers play it every day, and SCOTT ROGOWSKY, the host, stops by. Professor COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER is the author of “The Oath And The Office,” which comes out this September, we discuss whether or not it’s finally time to get rid of the second amendment. The hardest working pediatrician in comedy Dr. JAY SUTAY tells David to wash his rubber ducky. ZACK FORD, LGBTQ editor for Think Progress, talks about the right wing bullying of those brave teenagers who led last weekend’s March For Life. Comedian DAVE SIRUS talks about Laura Ingraham losing all her sponsors, and Roseanne losing all her marbles.