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Feb 15, 2019

Animal Behaviorist Professor Jennifer Verdolin, Investigate Russia's Jacki Schechner, Washington Post Columnist Helaine Olen, and Think Progress' LGBTQ Editor Zack Ford.

Time Code: Professor Jennifer Verdolin 0:16 Jacki Schechner 1:00:29 Helaine Olen 1:32:51 Zack Ford 2:21:05

Topics: Do Chimps Have Orgasms? The 25th Amendment, Valentine's Day After, Does Putin have kompromat on everyone in Washington? Do animals ever use aphrodisiacs? El Chapo is El Shorto,  Are swans gay? Is Senator Amy Klobuchar a monster? Is homosexuality a religion?

Professor Verdolin is author of "Wild Connection: What Animal Courtship and Mating Tell Us About Human Relationship" and "Raised By Animals." 

Helaine Olen is author of "Pound Foolish."

Jacki Schechner is editor-in-chief of Investigate

Zack Ford covers LGBTQ issues for Think Progress.