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Feb 13, 2020

Cenk Uygur is running for California's 25th congressional district. Keith And The Girl celebrate their podcast's 15th anniversary. Timothy Ulrich from China Global Television Network reports from Beijing. The Reverend Barry W. Lynn donates to Bernie but ponders Bloomberg. Senator Susan Collins (Martha Previte) drops by. Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on animal romance. David "Citizen" Bacon talks with New Hampshire's Secretary of State Bill Gardner. And Liam and David answer listener mail.

  • The creator of The Young Turks describes how he went from a Republican to a rabid Bernie supporter.
  • Our reporter in Beijing says the Coronavirus is more a public relations disaster than a health crisis.
  • Keith And The Girl reveal the secrets to a successful podcast.
  • Why Mike Bloomberg is a disaster for Democrats, New York, and America.
  • New Hampshire's Bill Gardner is America's longest serving Secretary of State.
  • How animals romance each other.
  • David celebrates Valentines Day by reminding listeners that it's called "courting" because eventually it ends up in court.
  • Liam and David answer listener questions.
  • If you’ve always wanted to tell me a joke, give me a piece of your mind, or confess your sins to my listeners, this is your chance. Leave me a voicemail at 202-670-2752 and maybe I’ll play it on the show. Maybe. Allow me to stress that.

Time Code: Timothy Ulrich (0:41) Cenk Uygur (13:25) The Reverend Barry W. Lynn ( 54:34) Senator Susan Collins (Martha Previte) (2:21:45) Keith And The Girl (2:31:31) Dr. Jennifer Verdolin (3:39:49) David Bacon (4:19:23) Liam McEneaney (4:57:51)