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Sep 21, 2021

Topics: Joe Manchin is so corrupt a money-grubbing monstrosity he's the new Steve Mnuchin; Border Patrol whips Haitians: Governor Brian Kemp says there's a vaccine for AIDS; Bill Maher's a LYING gangster for Capitalism; Blame our health care system for Anti-vaxers; Doctors have the highest suicide rate of any profession; America's sadism on full display along the border; Insurrection Part Two is a big fail
(6:51) David Does The News
(1:34:11) Brittany Ramos DeBarros (Organizing Director at About Face: Veterans Against The War) - On her campaign for Congress in New York’s 11th Congressional District against Trump Republican Nicole Malliotakis.
(2:15:10) Howie Klein, founder and treasurer of Blue America PAC author of Down With Tyranny
(2:32:14) David Cobb (environmental activist and Green Party Presidential candidate)
(2:51:22) Dr. Harriet Fraad, host of "Capitalism Hits Home"
(3:35:00) Peter B. Collins - On California's recent recall election
(4:05:00) Professor Adnan Husain, "Guerrilla History" and "The Majlis" podcasts goes over Canada's big election.
(4:40:00) Professor Mary Anne Cummings, physicist and parks commissioner Aurora, Illinois