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Dec 20, 2019

Michael Brooks, Washington Post's Helaine Olen, Comic Aaron Berg, Professor Ben Burgis, Dr. Jennifer Verdolin, David "Citizen" Bacon, and The Reverend Barry W. Lynn.

  • Michael Brooks talks Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina.
  • Helaine Olen on Mayor Pete's disingenuous attacks against Medicare For All.
  • Aaron Berg brings back Nat King Cole's oldest son Beautiful Clean Cole.
  • Professor Ben Burgis attacks Mayor Pete's attack against free tuition at all public universities.
  • Dr. Jennifer Verdolin's cat has acne.
  • The Reverend Barry W. Lynn on evangelical magazine "Christianity Today" demanding Trump’s removal from office.
  • Citizen Bacon meets Bernie and his supporters.

Time Code: Helaine Olen (00:00:53) Michael Brooks (29:42) The Reverend Barry W. Lynn (1:32:00) Dr. Jennifer Verdolin (2:25:09) Citizen Bacon (3:03:27) Professor Ben Burgis (3:38:03) Aaron Berg (4:36:00)