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Oct 8, 2019

Medicare For All means MEDICARE FOR ALL. That includes mental health and dental. What's in Warren's plan? She won't say. Bernie's plan is a wrecking ball that will destroy ALL health insurance companies. Senator Elizabeth Warren is NOT Bernie. Close. But Bernie Sanders is the real deal.

Michael Brooks from "Jacobin," "The Michael Brooks Show" and "The Majority Report with Sam Seder" explains there is a BIG difference between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on Medicare For All and ESPECIALLY foreign policy.

"Down With Tyranny's" Howie Klein insists he's all in on Bernie, but Elizabeth Warren would still be the greatest president in his lifetime.

Marc Cevasco, Congressman Ted Lieu's Chief of Staff, gives us the latest on Syria, and impeachment.

Comedian Joe DeVito makes his triumphant return to talk about food, love and sex.

Comedy Writer Dave Sirus talks to us from a big fancy Hollywood party.

Mark Breslin, founder and president of the world's largest comedy chain, Yuk Yuk's, talks about Louie CK's week at Mark's Toronto club and we continue our discussion on Project MKUltra and whether or not the entire country of America is now being brainwashed.

Time Code: Marc Cevasco (0:35.1) Howie Klein (45:16.3) Michael Brooks (1:24:51) Joe DeVito (2:10:20) Dave Sirus (3:09:15) Mark Breslin (3:45:51)