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Jan 20, 2012

This week on Frank Conniff’s America, the president and founder of NAMBLA explores the dangers of campaign smear ads that raise seemingly harmful questions such as “What has Rick Santorum done to protect your pet from gay sex?” Eddie Pepitone recovers from a near fatal attempt on his life by McDonald’s Mayor McCheese just in time to join Frank Conniff on the Red Carpet of the Republican debates.   Listen to the candidates walk by donning their very best evasiveness and ignorance. We’ll wrap the show up at Dooley’s Tavern where with any luck Grampa Santorum will get put out of his misery.This week’s David Feldman Comedy Podcast features the voice talent of Eddie Pepitone, Frank Conniff, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Will Ryan, Rick Overton, Chris Pinna, Katy Lee, Jeremy Kramer, Chris Bono, Dylan Brody, and Paul Dooley. It was written by:  Steve Rosenfield, Guy Nicolucci and Frank Conniff. Production staff includes P.A. Alicia Cordova and Executive Producer Troy Conrad. Also, Paula Deen has diabetes.
This episode of the David Feldman Show originally aired on Pacifica Radio January 20, 2012 and was produced out of the KPFK Studios in Hollywood. Please subscribe to our show on iTunes and we invited you to friend us on Facebook.