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Nov 26, 2019

Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider, Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein, Congressman Ted Lieu's Chief of Staff Marc Cevasco, Comedy Club Owner Mark Breslin, Comedians Jim Earl, Kevin Bartini and Martha Previte, and Citizen Journalist David Bacon.

  • Senator Susan Collins demands a foot rub
  • Our Citizen Journalist David Bacon hounds Democratic candidates in New Hampshire
  • Donald McGahn must testify to Congress
  • Bloomberg's in
  • Devin Nunes conspires with Ukraine
  • Rick Perry says Trump's the "Chosen One."

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Time Code: David Bacon (0:50) Howie Klein (51:33) Marc Cevasco (1:30:40) Professor Corey Brettschneider (2:12:05) Mark Breslin (3:26:23) Kevin Bartini (4:05:52) Jim Earl & Martha Previte (4:35:34)