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Mar 23, 2021

Topics: Everyone can get a vaccine except David; Miami's Spring Break; Teen Vogue fires its editor; Anti Asian hate; The shooting in Boulder; The shooting in Georgia; Cuomo won't budge
Guests With Time Stamps:
(1:47​) The News
(1:02:52​) Dan Frankenberger's Community Billboard
(1:07:37​) Pushing Amazon To Go Union with Christian Smalls, Shut Down Amazon, Roriki Hutchinson, Weekly Marx, Jacob Morrison, Valley Labor Report
(1:37:32​) Grace Jackson talks with Katherine Angel author of "Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again" critiquing "confidence feminism." (Verso)
(2:09:45​) Mark Breslin, founder and president of Yuk Yuk's , the largest comedy chain in North America
(2:41:14​) Shervin Aazami, candidate for California's 30th congressional district
(3:01:19​) Howie Klein, Down With Tyranny, introduces us to Jason Call running for Congress, in Washington's 2nd District,
(3:33:02​) Dr. Harriet Fraad, "Capitalism Hits Home" and "It's Not Just In Your Head"
(4:04:23​) Henry Hakamaki talks with Maclean’s columnist Andray Domise
(4:36:59​) Professor Adnan Husain, "Guerrilla History" and "The Majlis Podcast," talks about whatever he wants
(4:54:02​) Texas Tom Webber talks about whatever he wants
(5:38:51​) Professor Mary Anne Cummings, physicist and parks commissioner Aurora, Illinois talks about whatever she wants
(6:23:35​) Professor Mike Steinel talks about whatever he wants

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