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Dec 31, 2021

Topics: Time to call off 2022; Ghislaine Maxwell guilty; Archbishop Desmond Tutu, champion of human rights is gone; Covid clampdown; Meet the new year same as the old year;
Guests With Time Stamps

(02:53) David Does the News

(1:01:50) New Yorker Cartoonist Jose Arroyo (Emmy Winning Comedy writer and cartoonist. His new comic book is called "Somewhere In L.A. A Book Of Hours")

(1:40:00) Professor Ben Burgis his new book is, "Christopher Hitchens: What He Got Right, How He Went Wrong, and Why He Still Matters"(

(2:05:33) The Herschenfelds:
Dr. Philip Herschenfeld (Freudian psychoanalyst), and Ethan Herschenfeld (his new comedy special "Thug, Thug Jew" is streaming on YouTube)

(2:33:57) Emil Guillermo (host of the PETA Podcast, and columnist for The Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund)

(3:05:34) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (Americans United for Separation of Church and State)

(4:06:44) The Professors And Mary Anne:
Professors Mary Anne Cummings, Ann Li, Jonathan Bick, and Adnan Husain

(5:05:25) Professor Harvey J. Kaye ("FDR on Democracy") and Alan Minsky (executive director of Progressive Democrats of America)

(5:46:00) "The Harvey J. Kaye Alan Minsky Love Theme" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

(5:51:02) “Texas Tom” Webber (“Spirituality and Activism”) talks about whatever he wants