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Aug 19, 2022

Topics: Brian Stelter leaves CNN; Dan Price, America's "most moral CEO," accused of sexual assault by multiple women; Trump's Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty to Trump stuff; Harriet Hageman lies about Liz Cheney failing to concede defeat; Rudy Giuliani testifies; Who's the rat in Mar a Lago?; Tucker Carlson warns of violence if Trump is indicted
00:00:00 David does The News
00:00:54 Technical problems
00:01:48 Flooding In Sudan
00:02:43 Flooding in France
00:03:10 Europe is in a record drought
00:04:03 Record year for fire in Spain, Portugal and France
00:04:35 Kenya holds election for president, loser won't concede
00:05:19 Polio in Rockland County, New York
00:06:36 Socialist Pedro Castillo faces third impeachment in Peru
00:07:46 Liz Cheney goes down to defeat
00:09:07 Harriet Hageman accuses Liz of being a sore loser, but they're caught in a lie
00:13:27 Liz Cheney is a deeply flawed profile in courage
00:22:28 Liz will run for president and Trump will destroy her
00:33:18 George W. Bush is now teaching a Master Class in leadership. Amazing
00:52:29 Ron DeSantis wants veterans without a college degree to teach in our public schools
01:00:51 Kari Lake has a penis
01:09:06 Alex Jones turns back on Trump to support DeSantis
01:16:12 Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty andsentenced to Rikers
01:17:25 Steve Bannon hates Mike Pence
01:22:32 Eric Trump's pastor is Greg Locke
01:25:08 Ted Cruz says GOP gets the House and then it's non-stop impeachment rama
01:33:24 Chuck Schumer's son-in-law Michael Shapiro is a disgrace
01:35:58 "Ain't No Chairs" written and performed by Professor MIKE STEINEL
01:39:46 PROFESSOR BEN BURGIS, columnist for Jacobin and host of "Give Them An Argument"
01:48:30 Ben Shapiro doesn't approve of Dave Rubin's same sex marriage, and the rest of the Right doesn't approve of both their Judaism
02:09:16 Ethan has some problems with Book of Deuteronomy
02:42:03 EMIL GUILLERMO, columnist for the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and host of The PETA Podcast
02:42:39 Leave Alec Baldwin alone, seriously, he didn't do it on purpose
02:48:19 Is Liz Cheney really our ally, just because she's going after Trump?
03:04:57 Sacheen Littlefeather gets an apology from Movie Academy, will she now get one from Dennis Miller and Jay Leno?
03:14:34 A brilliant clip of Steve Martin
03:18:51 THE REV. BARRY W. LYNN, Americans United For Separation of Church and State
03:20:02 Andrew Yang and Christie Todd Whitman launch a new party, and it looks like a grift
03:36:17 Latest polls show Dr. Oz is going to lose in Pennsylvania
03:44:55 Dems could pick up seats in the senate
04:14:33 JOE IN NORWAY IN SPAIN prepares Gazpacho
04:17:34 How's the war in Ukraine going?
04:21:11 Ron DeSantis cracks down on socially responsible investing
04:26:03 How America doesn't take care of its elderly and how Holland does
04:38:30 Great Britain takes care of its elderly better than America
04:52:41 Why can Europe do a mixed economy that allows for Capitalism and a social safety net but America can't?
05:12:12 ALAN MINSKY, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America
05:20:25 Will the Court block the Dems from passing law protecting a woman's right to an abortion?
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