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Jul 28, 2017

Donald Trump’s new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci told the New Yorker that Steve Bannon has been trying to suck his own cock, but only because Sean Spicer is no longer showing up for work. Comedian DAVE SIRUS on The Mooch, Skinny Repeal and how the GOP basically just wants to murder us. Also Reince Preibus has been fired for failing to orchestrate a repeal of Obamacare. Let's hope he develops a chronic health condition just as his COBRA insurance starts running out. Hard to believe the least messed up thing about Reince Preibus was his name. Meanwhile Senator John McCain was the deciding vote in defeating Skinny Repeal. Perhaps McCain will decide to serve his country once again with valor by deciding to caucus with the Democrats. You know John, the GOP isn't the Hanoi Hilton. You can leave anytime you want. ZACK FORD covers LGBTQ issues for Think Progress. He joins us from Washington DC to discuss Donald Trump’s recent tweet prohibiting transgender people from serving in our armed forces. Considering Trump's morbid obesity, perhaps he should instead consider banning trans fats. Comic JOE DEVITO is also one of our most requested guests, he returns from San Antonio with some choice words about the Alamo, and Americans in general. Our most hated guest Comedian PAT DIXON from the New York City Crime Report returns. You’ve hated him on Comedy Central and VH1 and you get to hate him some more on our show. And Comedian, Actor and Comedy Writer DAVID TAYLOR is back to talk about Disneyland and what it’s like to be a horrible human being and why it takes practice.


Civil Asset Forfeiture allows police departments and DEA agents to seize cash, homes and cars if they suspect the property belongs to a drug dealer. Under Obama the feds curtailed the practice, but now Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he is bringing civil asset forfeiture back. LEAP stands for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. It’s an organization of police officers, judges and retired DEA officials who want to end America’s failed war against drugs. Detective RUSSELL JONES is one of LEAP’s leading spokesmen. He joins talks to us about civil asset forfeiture. Detective Jones is the author of “Honorable Intentions," which chronicles his 40-year involvement in the War on Drugs. As a government intelligence agent, Jones worked in Latin America observing narcotics trafficking during the Nicaragua-Contra conflict. You’re going to want to hear my conversation with him. He sheds light on how exactly crack cocaine ended up in our inner cities, and who’s to blame.