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Jul 27, 2021

Topics: FBI; Juul, Vaping; Tucker Carlson confronted; Jessie Watters; Brian Kilmeade; March for Medicare for All;
Guests With Time Stamps:
(2:09) David does The News
(25:01) Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling
(44:29) "I'm On My Way" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel
(47:16) Dave Sirus, SNL, King of Staten Island, and Let's Be Real
(1:34:51) Dan Frankenberger's Community Billboard
(1:43:11) Professor Jonathan Bick continues his conversation on Fascism
(2:01:08) Howie Klein, founder and treasurer Blue America PAC and author of "Down With Tyranny"
(2:31:05) David Cobb, ran for president on the Green Party ticket, activist and lawyer
(3:02:36) Dr. Harriet Fraad, "When Capitalism Hits Home" and "It's Not Just In Your Head"
(3:32:15) "I'm Traveling Light" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel
(3:36:35) Peter B. Collins and Texas Tom Webber talk about whatever they want
(4:07:33) Texas Tom Webber
(4:16:26) Professor Mary Anne Cummings, physicist and parks commissioner for Aurora, Illinois
(4:42:05) Professor Adnan Husain, "Guerrilla History" and Professor Ann Li join the conversation
(5:46:42) Henry Hakamaki talks with Jamie Ducharme, author of "Big Vape: The Incendiary Rise of Juul"