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May 27, 2022

Why don't American police demand gun control? Tuesday's massacre in Uvalde, Texas exposed just how terrified American police are of getting killed by assault weapons. So why the silence from police chiefs when it comes to banning AR-15s? How have gun manufacturers and the NRA purchased silence from American police?

(0:52) David Does the News: NRA Meets today to plan more killings: A look at the NRA's history of draft dodging and spousal abuse; Wayne LaPiere's personal life; Texas Governor Greg Abbott is evil; Republican Senator Tom Cotton says assaults weapons don't exist

(56:37) "USA of Distraction" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

(1:01:51) Gregg Barak (author, "Violence and Nonviolence: Pathways to Understanding" and "Criminology on Trump")
Americans have yet to come to grips with just how violent we are.

Gregg Barak is the co-founder and North American Editor of the “Journal of White Collar and Corporate Crime” and Emeritus Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Eastern Michigan University. He is the author and editor of 20 books on crime, justice, media, violence, criminal law, homelessness, and human rights. These include “Violence and Nonviolence: Pathways to Understanding,” “Gimme Shelter: A Social History of Homelessness in Contemporary America”, and “Theft of a Nation: Wall Street Looting and Federal Regulatory Colluding”. His newest book is “Criminology on Trump.”

(1:36:40) Joe Thompson (organizer w/ Starbucks Workers United, candidate for California State Assembly District 28)
Joe Thompson is a 19-year-old non-binary, UC Santa Cruz Student, a Starbucks Union Organizer, and a progressive candidate for California State Assembly District 28 in the nonpartisan primary election on Tuesday June 7th. Joe uses they/them pronouns and, if elected, they would be the first nonbinary official elected to statewide office in California.

(2:03:40) The Herschenfelds:
Dr. Philip Herschenfeld (Freudian psychoanalyst), and Ethan Herschenfeld (his new comedy special "Thug, Thug Jew" is streaming on YouTube)
We talks guns

(2:34:09) "Travelin' Light" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

(2:30:25) Stump The Hump with Quizmaster Dan F. Today's topic: Disney

(3:10:17) "Swine Bomb Boogie" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

(3:13:06) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn (Americans United for Separation of Church and State)
Religious Nut of the Week
Rep Brian Babin (R-TX): "The United States of America has always had guns. It's our history. We were built on the Judeo-Christian foundation and with guns"

(4:07:21) The Professors And Mary Anne:
Professors Mary Anne Cummings, Jonathan Bick, Ann Li, Adnan Husain
We talks guns

PLUS: ASMR for your eyeballs
- Kitchen ASMR with Joe in Norway
Joe makes:
Homemade glass jelly noodles w/a spicy Sichuanese sauce.

(5:10:10) Professor Harvey J. Kaye ("FDR on Democracy") and Alan Minsky (executive director of Progressive Democrats of America)


(5:45:04) Emil Guillermo (host of the PETA Podcast, and columnist for The Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund)

(6:10:57) Liam McEneany (Comedian and Producer)
Liam plugs his big new tour called L.L.L.L. (Left-Leaning Liberals of Laughter) Presents: Progressive Comedy for America