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Mar 29, 2022

Today features in depth coverage of the fighting between Russia and Ukraine as well as the fighting between Will Smith and his inner demons.

Topics: Will Smith apologizes for his toxic masculinity; Roman Polanski; Biden calls for regime change in Russia; Are Biden's gaffes on purpose?;
Guests With Time Stamps:

(00:50) David Does the News; CODA ; Will Smith; Chris Rock ; Academy Awards

(1:06:40) Donald Trump stops by

(1:30:00) "I'm Traveling Light" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

(1:35:00) Pascal Robert (co-host of "This is Revolution" podcast) suggests Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's troubled marriage could have played a role in last night's assault.

(2:00:43) Howie Klein (founder and treasurer of The Blue America PAC and author of Down With Tyranny) talks about Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry hiding his sexuality, and Congressman Madison Cawthorn saying he saw older congressmen snorting cocaine and prepping orgies

(2:35:00) Steve Skrovan (co-host of "Ralph Nader Radio Hour") talks about Wednesday’s live Ralph Nader Radio recording session with Jessie Singer to discuss her new book There Are No Accidents: The Deadly Rise of Injury and Disaster—Who Profits and Who Pays the Price. To attend the taping go to:

(2:52:00) Stump the Hump w/ Quizmaster Dan F

(3:06:00) Donald Trump

(3:10:44) Dr. Harriet Fraad (host of "Capitalism Hits Home") talks Ukraine

(3:36:00) "Ain't No Chairs" written and performed by Professor Mike Steinel

(3:39:11) Professor Adnan Husain ("Guerrilla History" and "The Majlis" podcasts)

(4:19:00) Peter B. Collins (Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame) on Joe Biden's call for regime change in Russia

(4:46:00) Professor Mary Anne Cummings (physicist and parks commissioner Aurora, Illinois)

(5:31:00) Animal Facts! With Professor Pamela