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Oct 15, 2021

D.C. Comics announces Superman is gay, which means his kryptonite is now Vanderpump Rules; That wasn’t a Twilight Zone tribute when William Shatner looked out the window and saw a Gremlin. That was just Bezos waving goodbye.

(3:00) David Does the News

(1:30:40) Jon Ross (comedian and gentleman farmer)

(1:58:42) The...

Oct 12, 2021

Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema is running the Boston Marathon. Sinema says she doesn’t hope to win, she just plans to slow it down to a painful crawl by drawing needless attention to herself

Guests With Time Stamps:
(4:06) David Does The News: The Pandora Papers; America is the world's biggest tax haven; Congressman...

Oct 8, 2021

Democrats like Sinema, Manchin and Gottheimer may call themselves "moderates," but they are far right extremists facilitating a corporate takeover of America.
Topics: Pandora Papers; Debt "Ceiling" Relief; One America News Network Is Almost Entirely Funded By AT&T

Guests With Time Stamps

(4:42) David Does the...

Oct 5, 2021

Topics: Facebook crashes, world happier; Afghanistan did not attack us on 9/11; Sinema ignores Dreamers;
Guests With Time Stamps
(2:33) David Does The News

(1:01:24_ Stephan Landsman (co-author of "Closing Death’s Door: Legal Innovations to End the Epidemic of Healthcare Harm") [pre-tape]

They discuss the third leading...

Oct 1, 2021

Topics: Progressive Democrats derail railroading of Progressive Democrats; Congress plays baseball while America burns; General Milley lies before Congress; French President #Sarkozy found guilty; #IATSE to strike

Guests With Time Stamps:

(3:20) David Does the News

(1:10:35) Max Chafkin (tech reporter and author of...