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May 14, 2021

Topics: Rickie Lee Jones talks about her new book "Last Chance Texaco: Chronicles of an American Troubadour;” Fighting between Israel and Hamas intensifies; Biden says vaccinated can take off their masks
Guests With Time Stamps:
(2:06) Rickie Lee Jones, two time Grammy award winning author of the new book “Last...

May 11, 2021

Topics: Melinda Gates reportedly filed for divorce after discovering Bill was friendly with Jeffrey Epstein; Chiptole's rat problem; Golden Globes cancelled
Guests With Time Stamps:
(2:37) Congresswoman Alicia Ocasio Cortez AKA Martha Previte
(11:30) David does The News
(44:30) Dan Frankenberger's Community...

May 7, 2021

Topics: Georgia, Florida and Texas state legislatures choose Fascism over Democracy; Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are worse than Trump; Time to forgive student debt
Guests With Time Stamps

(4:29​) David does The News
(21:02​) Dan Frankenberger's Community Billboard
(33:41​) Mark Green, NYC's first Public Advocate,...

May 4, 2021

Topics: Bill and Melinda Gates call it quits; Facebook might let Trump back; Herd immunity unheard of
Guests With Time Stamps:
(2:45) The News
(20:30) Marc Cevasco, chief of staff to Congressman Ted Lieu
(1:00:36) AMAZON WATCH: Christian Smalls, "Stop Amazon Now," Maximillian Alvarez, editor in chief at "The Real News,"...

Apr 30, 2021

Topics: Joe Rogan's vaccine advice; Rudy's home is raided, will he flip?; Amazon's profits triple; Police brutality is getting worse

Guests With Time Stamps:

(3:00​) "Where Are You?" Recorded by Mike Steinel and Rosana Eckert
(9:14​) David does The News
(1:13:18​) Andrea Rovenski reports from Elizabeth City,...