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Aug 30, 2022

Today's show focuses on a new report that says Greenland's melting ice sheets will raise sea levels by almost a foot, Joe Rogan's incessant lies and the Midterms.
Topics: Lindsey Graham warns of riots; Ozzy Osbourne disgusted by American guns; Joe Rogan lies about being lied to about Covid; Midterms just 70 days...

Aug 26, 2022

David explores the dark side of Ultimate Fighting and questions whether society has failed the competitors before they step into the Octagon. What are the long term physical effects from violent sports? And how do violent sports shape our view of the world from war to police violence?

TOPICS:  Biden forgives student...

Aug 23, 2022

Topics: Is MMA a sport? Or society in decay?; Arkansas police officers brutalize a suspect; Flash floods, flash droughts, and famine are the result of oil, gas and coal waging war on our planet. 

00:00:40 David does The News
01:37:51 Pascal Robert and Jason Myles from the "This Is Revolution" podcast
02:06:11 "Turtle"...

Aug 19, 2022

Topics: Brian Stelter leaves CNN; Dan Price, America's "most moral CEO," accused of sexual assault by multiple women; Trump's Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty to Trump stuff; Harriet Hageman lies about Liz Cheney failing to concede defeat; Rudy Giuliani testifies; Who's the rat in Mar a...

Aug 17, 2022

David takes a close look at how Republicans at CPAC and Turning Points this month openly embraced Christian Nationalism.
Topics: Liz Cheney; Sarah Palin going to Congress?; Rudy targeted by Georgia prosecutor;  What is Quiet Quitting?; Trump's passport was taken; Shooting at Six Flags; Drug violence...