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Jan 21, 2020

Professor Simon F. Haeder on where all the candidates stand on healthcare; Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein forgives Elizabeth Warren, but he's still angry; Congressman Ted Lieu's Chief of Staff Marc Cevasco gives us an impeachment update; Alan Minsky, the executive director of the Progressive Democrats of America, talks Iowa; Senator Susan Collins (Martha Previte) is drunk again; Peabody and Emmy Award Winning Jim Earl lashes out at Joy Reid; David "Citizen" Bacon talks to Bernie, Tulsi and Michael Bennet; Screenwriter and Comedian Dave Sirus on white nationalists marching in Virginia; Comedian Kevin Bartini on Ms. Paltrow's vagina candle.

Time Code: Professor Haeder (0:42) Howie Klein (36:28) Marc Cevasco (1:07:55) Alan Minsky (1:47:39) Senator Susan Collins (2:19:06) David "Citizen" Bacon (2:32:50) Dave Sirus (3:20:55) Jim Earl (3:57:30) Kevin Bartini (4:39:50)