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Jun 18, 2021

Our blistering expose on No Evil Foods continues. After getting fined by the National Labor Relations Board for targeting employees who tried to form a union, No Evil Foods, which brands itself as "Leftist," coerced nonunion employees into working through the pandemic. Now No Evil Foods CEOs Mike Woliansky and Sadrah Schadel thanked their devoted production workers by firing all of them with no severance and no warning. Our coverage of No Evil Foods reveals just how evil phony Leftists can be.
Topics: Masks off? Really? Seriously?; Those who can't, cancel; What you say is now more important than what you do; Jeff Bezos doesn't care if his employees live or die; Standup in New York during the late 80s; No Evil Foods just got way more evil; Joe Biden insists America doesn't interfere with countries overseas; Exposing Sean Hannity's lies about Socialism; David tries to keep his head while experiencing technical difficulties
Guests With Time Stamps:
(1:22 ) Meagan Sullivan, union organizer fired by No Evil Foods on No Evil closing down its entire factory after demanding employees work through the pandemic
(24:00) Kina Collins, candidate in the 2022 U.S. House election for Illinois' 7th congressional district,
(57:09) Professor Ben Burgis, columnist for Jacobin, host of “Give Them an Argument” whose latest book is, “Cancelling Comedians While The World Burns”
(1:26:07) David has a massive anxiety attack while technical problems get the best of him. The sound goes dead for two minutes.
(1:26:49) The sound comes back on, but it's horrible. Feldman is now sweating and seething with anger
(1:28:20) Now the tech problems spiral out of control. David is losing oxygen
(1:28:35) Dan Frankenberger comes to the rescue as Feldman hyperventilates
(1:29:36) Feldman fills his pants as the show slips away from him
(1:30:05) Feldman is now seriously considering cancelling today's episode as the tech problems appear insurmountable. Can he keep his cool?
(1:31:39) Feldman decides to cut the Burgis interview, and try to finish it later in the show after they fix the sound issues
(1:32:10) Dan Frankenberger’s Community Billboard
(1:41:00) One of David's listeners tries to cancel him
(1:48:01) Ethan Herschenfeld, noted son of Dr. Philip Herschenfeld whose amazing comedy special is “Thug, Thug Jew”
(2:30:09) Mike Rowe, Emmy Award winning comedy writer, Futurama and Family Guy, and author of “It’s A Funny Thing: How the Professional Comedy Writing Business Made Me Fat and Bald”
(3:10:04) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church and State
(4:10:34) The second half of our conversation with Professor Ben Burgis
(4:36:00) The Professors and Mary Anne: Professor Mary Anne Cummings; Professor Ian Faloona; Professor Adnan Husain; Professor Jonathan Bick
(5:38:35) Emil Guillermo, host of The PETA Podcast and columnist for AALDEF, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund
(6:08:12) Congressman Alan Grayson, candidate for Senator Marco Rubio's 2022 senate seat

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