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Dec 25, 2018

Our Christmas present to you is Frank Conniff and Michael Brooks.

Frank Conniff's new book is entitled "Codename D.O.U.C.H.E.B.A.G."

Buy it here:

Michael Brooks is host of The Michael Brooks Show and cohost of The Majority Report. His latest piece for Jacobin is entitled, "Selahattin Demirtaş Is Not a Terrorist." Read it here:

More about "Codename D.O.U.C.H.E.B.A.G." Four conservatives in need of a second chance. Four media mavens desperate to fight their way back into the only place that mattered to them — the world of Cable TV News. Now this rag-tag group has come together for a commando mission so outrageously daring that it would only be attempted by A– a group of heroes, or B– a bunch of fools. You’ll have to decide for yourself. (Hint: It’s B.) Frank Conniff, author of the spine-tingling Twenty Five Mystery Science Theater 3000 Films That Changed My Life In No Way Whatsoever, the pulse-pounding CATS v. CONNIFF, and the nightmare-inducing How to Write Cheesy Movies, has now topped himself with his most action-packed, edge-of-your-tweet thriller yet!