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Dec 28, 2011

Comedian Cathy Ladman joins Paul Dooley and Frank Conniff on the David Feldman Radio Show as they reminisce about celebrating Christmas in a mixed marriage, taking the musical Wicked to Japan, David tells a great story about Christopher Hitchens's mordant wit, Cathy talks about Hitchens's essay on why women aren't funny, David tries to make a joke about Cathy's daughter being Jewish and Chinese, Frank Conniff talks about his father who is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Cathy talks about growing up with a father who owned a bowling alley on Long Island, Paul talks about auditioning for Woody Allen, David rambles on about the new Woody Allen documentary, Paul talks about working the Catskills where he met Woody Allen, We learn who Guthrie is as in The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Cathy explains why she lived in Minnesota last year, Frank talks about kicking drugs in Minnesota, and David talks about all the great comics who came out of Minneapolis.