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Jul 29, 2011

Paul Dooley came by the Pacifica Radio studios this week and recorded with us, along with Rick Overton, Paul F. Tompkins, Cynthia Adler, Janie Haddad, Kevin Rooney, Frank Conniff, Eddie Pepitone, Mark Thompson, Andy Caploe, Chris Pina, and Jane Edith Wilson. Today’s show was written by Steve Rosenfield, Ben Zelevansky, Andy Caploe, Dan Pasternak, Kevin Rooney, Frank Conniff, Karen Simmons and Eddie Pepitone. Our Executive Producer is Troy Conrad. We are mixed and engineered by Alex Steen. Edited by Darren Ayres. Our production assistant is Alicia Cordova, and our web mistress is Jenna Tollerson.