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Jun 29, 2018

Capital Gazette shooting survivor tells Trump, “I Don’t ‘Give a F*ck About Your Thoughts and Prayers.” Well that’s not civil. What happened to civility? Well, it turns out you can't be a shill for the NRA and then demand civility from victims of gun violence. You can't separate Hispanic mothers from their children and then demand "civility" after someone calls you a violent racist. In the Old Confederacy, Southern Gentlemen were all about civility. They were so concerned about being civil they called their war to own slaves "Civil." Because reasonable men can disagree about raping and whipping slaves but basic human decency demands "civility." Babies rounded up, Milo says shoot reporters, and Muslims are banned. But Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting denied a plate of pot roast is considered "uncivil." 

The LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress ZACK FORD on why civility is overrated and how Act Up changed America forever. Comic KEVIN BARTINI on why Nazis always seem to find a home in the GOP. Comic DAVE SIRUS on the Russian Investigation, hey remember that? Plus ANNE BROWN from UCLA’s Institute of Transportation Studies on the difficulties people of color confront using Uber and Lyft.