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Jan 18, 2019

Donald Trump is James Junk Bond in Vladimir Putin's "Secret Agent Orange Man."

Jacobin's Eric Blanc, The Nation's Professor Pedro A. Noguera, Comedy Writer Jon Ross, Comedian Kevin Bartini and Comedy Writer Dave Sirus. 

Topics: Prince Philip's collision, Ivanka's collusion, After divorce Jeff Bezos could lose bezollions, After Michael Cohen's latest revelation Donald Trump now supports smoking gun control,  Los Angeles teachers strike out at billionaires trying to corporatize our public schools, what exactly is a charter school and how do we get rid of them before they destroy our children?

Time Code: Eric Blanc 0:30 Professor Pedro A. Noguera 28:44 David explains why Senator Rand Paul is getting his hernia operation done in Canada even though he has a healthcare plan most Americans only dream of 1:04:54 Jon Ross 1:11:00 Kevin Bartini 1:22:48 Dave Sirus 1:47:00

Eric Blanc writes on labor movements past and present for Jacobin. Formerly a high school teacher in the Bay Area, he is a doctoral student in the sociology department at New York University. His latest book is "Red State Revolt: The Teachers' Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics" (Verso 2019).

Pedro A. Noguera is the Distinguished Professor of Education at UCLA, his latest book is "Race, Equity and Education: The Pursuit of Equality in Education 60 Years After Brown." Published by Springer Press.