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Oct 25, 2019

Comedians Laura House, Liam McEneaney, Dave Sirus and Dr. Jay Sutay. Plus Professor Jennifer Verdolin and Professor Ben Burgis. Also marketing guru Saul Colt stops by to save David's career.

  • Monkeys love lingerie.
  • Trump's on borrowed time. Whose lending it to him?
  • Rats learn how to drive. Don't tell Uber.
  • Laura House has a funny story.
  • Liam and David answer listener mail. 
  • Tulsi explained.

Time Code: Saul Colt (1:50.5) David asks for money (13:59.5) Dave Sirus (32:14.5) Professor Ben Burgis (1:06:42) Professor Jennifer Verdolin (1:46:33) Dr. Jay Sutay (2:14:22) Laura House (2:40:05)  Liam McEneaney (3:50:13)

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